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About Pyrite Company
Foshan Pyrite mineralmaterials Co.,Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of high-grade pyrite (FeS 2), owning the rights of import and export operation.
Our company has established stable relationship with several domestic large/medium-size pyrite mining enterprises on supplying of raw ensures the stable supply for export commodity.

We stick to the corporate philosophy "quality first, win with quality ". By using unique processing methods and strictly controlling export products processing link, we can ensure that the important indicators such as sulfur content, moisture content, size and impurities are better than the user’s requirements.
Our company characterizes in manufacturing high-grade pyrite. The products are mainly exported to East Asia, South America, Western Europe, Australia and Taiwan markets. We are one of China’s major exporters of pyrite, Products are widely used in many industries, Such as increase sulfur agent used in smelting and casting, fillers of grinding wheel’s abrasive, soil conditioner, as the adsorbent of heavy metals in wastewater, filler of core-spun yarn, lithium battery cathode materials, all receive warm welcome.
Meanwhile, we also provide different grades, sizes and proportions of pyrite, sulfur concentrate and pyrite counterweight for domestic users.

All staff of our company have good professional background and professional spirit. We adhere to the business philosophy of “professional, quality, sincerity, mutual benefit”, and sincerely hope to develop and maintain long-term friendly relations with new and old users.